A Fabulous Vintage Frock

Everyone knows that I love vintage dresses. I have many, thanks to Hayley Bush from her boutique “Lula” in St. Paul. Hayley is a dress whisperer. She can size you up and fill the dressing room with lots of fantastic options. Whittling them down to fit within my budget is a real challenge. No one has helped my shape my personal style more than Hayley.

I also peep Ebay as I have purchased some real winner there. I have leveraged what I have learned about shopping for vintage in real life, in order to spot dresses online that might work.

Today I spotted this beauty on Ebay. It is flirty, stunning and has interesting details. I am not bidding on it because I don’t have a 50s body, or rather, I look better in the dresses from other decades, but I am mourning a tinge that this dress will not be mine. Here’s hoping it finds a good home.

Also a talent of mine, is finding treasures at a Goodwill, Savers or other such secondhand store. I’ve found a Armani, Escada, Dior, Celine, Stuart Weitzman, Kate Spade, I could go on and one. I once scored a Celine suede barn coat for $6.99. A sweater by Celine is thousands of dollars, so I can only imagine what this coat once retailed for.

I will be posting more about shopping for vintage, bargains and secondhand treasures.

Also, I am tossing this out there. If you ever need my consultation on shopping for vintage, or if you ever want to go on a field trip to my favorite clothing shops, let’s do it. You can buy me lunch.

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