Blue Collar Roots Podcasts

One great thing about podcasts is you can listen while you are driving, exercising or even working in some cases.  This is why audio is one of the best ways to build a committed audience, They have time in their day for you.

HVAC School

HVAC School is a technical training podcast that has grown to become the most listened to audio content in the HVAC industry.

The content on the HVAC school podcast ranges from residential HVAC to commercial refrigeration and ammonia chillers and everything in between.

Building HVAC Science

The purpose of the Building HVAC Science podcast is trifold.

First, we’ll  build audience understanding of the science of HVAC, especially around the topic of measurement science.

Second, we review topics in building science and home performance.

Third, we cover the intersection of worlds of Building Science and HVAC

Tool Pros

The tool pros podcast is a new podcast that explores all of the tools used in the skilled trades but specifically focused on tools used by HVAC/R professionals. Each episode includes discussions about best practices, new tools hitting the market and new applications for old favorites.

Service Business Mastery

Service business mastery is a new podcast that helps business owners and managers succeed in business by sharing tips on leadership, marketing, financials, pricing, HR and much more.

HVAC Shop Talk

HVAC Shop Talk is a talk podcast that addresses issues, technology and many more subjects that pertain to the HVAC field. Each week a new guest is brought in to offer an insight into one of these subjects. These guests include industry thinker, tool manufacturers, HVAC equipment manufacturers and much more. The mission of this podcast is to entertain and educate the men and women in the HVAC field.

The Tradesman

The Tradesman is a podcast started by HVAC tech and podcast host Zack Psioda. Zack will talk about issues concerning the skilled trades and business ownership.