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The “_est” Isn’t Good Enough

Regardless if you are the “best”, “kindest” and “steadiest”,

In spite of being the “smartest”, “cutest”, and “wittiest”,

Even though you are the “coolest”, “nicest” and “wisest”,

No matter if you are the “friendliest”, “greatest” and “warmest”,

Achieving superlatives isn’t good enough.

It’s the craziest thing.

It’s the damnest thing.

It’s the cruelest thing of all things.


There’s a smile here for the man who is artful
with ingenuity that is peerless
Masses of makers are not as skillful
or have aptitude this endless

There’s a smile here for the man who is grateful
with reverence that is timeless
Many progenies are not as thoughtful
or have correctitude this priceless

There’s a smile here for the man who is hopeful
with optimism that is fearless
Countless souls are not as delightful
or have attitude this shameless

There’s a smile here for the man who is faithful
with decency that is endless
Myriad suitors are not as respectful
or have habitude this relentless

There’s a smile here for the man who is fruitful
with dynamism that is boundless.
Malaised publics are not as zestful
or have fortitude this quenchless.

There’s a smile here for the man who is beautiful
with modesty that is clueless.
Inflated egos are not as graceful
or have magnitude this matchless.

There’s a smile here for the man who is truthful
with integrity that is flawless.
Untold liars aren’t as mindful
or have altitude this breathless.

A Len Dru Haiku

Len Druskin: Overpriced,

cheaply made attire, alas,

buttons will fall off.

A Fabulous Vintage Frock

Everyone knows that I love vintage dresses. I have many, thanks to Hayley Bush from her boutique “Lula” in St. Paul. Hayley is a dress whisperer. She can size you up and fill the dressing room with lots of fantastic options. Whittling them down to fit within my budget is a real challenge. No one has helped my shape my personal style more than Hayley.

I also peep Ebay as I have purchased some real winner there. I have leveraged what I have learned about shopping for vintage in real life, in order to spot dresses online that might work.

Today I spotted this beauty on Ebay. It is flirty, stunning and has interesting details. I am not bidding on it because I don’t have a 50s body, or rather, I look better in the dresses from other decades, but I am mourning a tinge that this dress will not be mine. Here’s hoping it finds a good home.

Also a talent of mine, is finding treasures at a Goodwill, Savers or other such secondhand store. I’ve found a Armani, Escada, Dior, Celine, Stuart Weitzman, Kate Spade, I could go on and one. I once scored a Celine suede barn coat for $6.99. A sweater by Celine is thousands of dollars, so I can only imagine what this coat once retailed for.

I will be posting more about shopping for vintage, bargains and secondhand treasures.

Also, I am tossing this out there. If you ever need my consultation on shopping for vintage, or if you ever want to go on a field trip to my favorite clothing shops, let’s do it. You can buy me lunch.


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