Finding Fulfillment in Blue Collar Work

Every mechanic, technician, plumber, electrician, painter, and contractor has faced the same question at least once during their careers:

“Is this really what I want to do with the rest of my life?”

The answer to that question can sometimes be elusive.  Blue collar jobs feature hard work, long hours, and mentally tasking challenges on the best of days.  We often return home dirty and drained.  What exactly makes our chosen fields rewarding, then?

Between the busy grind of the day to day, thoughtful reflection can grant renewed vigor into the work life.  Ponder the rewarding aspects: restoring an old home to its former beauty, repairing a useful machine back to the way it was designed, bringing peace of mind to a worried customer.  In short, fighting the entropy of the universe.  What we do has real meaning and affects the world around us in a tangible way.

We get to meet new people, visit new locations, and take on new challenges with every project that comes our way.  Sleep at night is sweet when we know we’ve worked to the best of our ability.  The numbers in the bank account can be great, too.

Stopping to appreciate the results of a long career in a trade keeps us on the ground in a culture that has, for the past few of decades, undervalued the skilled trades.  If you’re just beginning your journey, focusing on these rewards can keep you motivated when the going gets rough.

Keep struggling.  It’s in this struggle that we find fulfillment. That’s why the motto for BCR is

Unitatis In Proelium - Unity in Struggle