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  • Try and Stay Warm

    Another quality tech tip from senior refrigeration and HVAC tech Jeremy Smith. Jeremy lives in Ohio so he knows a thing or three about the cold. As HVAC/R […]

  • How (and Why) to Flow Nitrogen While Brazing

    When I started in the trade the idea of flowing nitrogen while brazing was nothing more than a punchline of a joke. Like pulling a vacuum with a micron gauge […]

  • Furnace Air Temperature Rise

    Every gas furnace data plate/tag has a specification for the temperature rise through that furnace.  It is shown in a range like 50-80° or […]

  • Clocking a Gas Meter (It’s not that hard)

    I’ve heard a lot made of clocking gas meters over the years and honestly, in Florida there isn’t too much call for for heat and even fewer […]

  • Recovery Tank Capacity

      To start with I’m going to cut straight to the part that most of you want to know. This is based on calculations I have done personally based on […]