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  • Start Capacitor & Inrush Facts and Myths – Part #1

    This series of articles is one of those that will bug a lot of people because it will go against a lot of what you’ve been told about compressors, […]

  • Commercial Contactor Considerations

    This tip was created by Jason Pinzak and originally posted on the HVAC Technician’s Facebook group. It is reposted here with permission from Jason. […]

  • What is a Thermocouple?

    In HVAC we work with thermocouples for temperature measurement all the time and we may not understand the difference between a thermocouple and other types of […]

  • Design Temperature Difference for Chillers 

    I get emails from time to time with questions that stem from the articles or the podcast. This was a great question, but I was not the best person to answer […]

  • Pre-Cleaning Copper

    Sometimes we can focus on the more complicated aspects of system and parts installation like evacuation and flowing nitrogen and forget the simple and critical […]