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  • TD of Refrigeration Evaporators

    We have discussed DTD (Design Temperature Difference) quite a bit for air conditioning applications, but what about refrigeration? Let’s start by […]

  • Shielded Control Cable & Communicating Controls

    When I first started in the trade we used to run into shielded control wires on the Carrier Comfort Zone 1 zoning systems and also on a Carrier VVT system I […]

  • Cycle Rate Settings – A Quick Review

    Most controls and thermostats will have some sort of cycle rate per hour setting that kicks in to prevent over cycling once setpoint is reached. These cycle […]

  • Fan Blade Shroud Depth

      When a system has abnormally high head pressure (high condensing temperature over ambient) and compression ratio, one of the easiest things to look for […]

  • What to Check Before Condemning the TXV

    I just noticed this portion of the Carrier air handler sticker for the first time the other day. I’m like most techs, it’s easy for us to ignore […]