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  • Pitch on Line Penetrations

    Most techs and installers know that drains need to be pitched. I use the rule of thumb that drain lines should generally be pitched 1/4″ per foot of […]

  • The Good Old Heat Anticipator

      As a technician you most likely know some customers who still have an oldie thermostat (you know, those old mercury bulb things, like the round […]

  • Some Belt Tensioning Thoughts

    We had a really great conversation on the HVAC School Facebook Group about some belt tension best practices and it turns out that even a lot of really smart […]

  • A Liquid Line Solenoid and What it Does

    Depending on what segment of the business you are in and what area of the country you work, you either work on pump down solenoid systems all the time or YOU […]

  • Open and Closed Case

    I know I’m gonna get some eye rolling here but it needs to be said. When we teach electricity to new techs we use a lot of “water” metaphors. […]