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  • Why is the Breaker Tripping?

    Breakers are designed to trip anytime the circuit draws a current above the rating for a period of time. The time the breaker takes to trip is a function of […]

  • Non-noncondensables

      Flowing nitrogen while brazing and pressuring with nitrogen are both great, but nitrogen in with the refrigerant? Not so much. Nitrogen is a […]

  • Storming the Gates to Trade Education

    Before we jump into the stuff that will make folks angry, let’s start with some common ground. Can we agree that the desired result of education in the […]

  • Humidifier Facts

    Humidifiers are a big part of HVAC systems in dry locations, especially in the winter. I have no experience with them personally because they aren’t […]

  • The Difference Between Variable Speed and X13 Motors

    First, let’s cover the basics. X13 is a brand name for the Regal Beloit / Genteq brand of constant torque motors, there are other manufacturers who make […]