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  • Pitch on Line Penetrations

    Most techs and installers know that drains need to be pitched. I use the rule of thumb that drain lines should generally be pitched 1/4″ per foot of […]

  • Testing, Recovery and Charging a Sealed System

    There are many appliances with compression refrigeration circuits that do not have ports installed for testing, recovery, charging and evacuation.  These […]

  • Common Concrete Anchor Fails

    No matter what trade you work in you will need to use a concrete anchor at one time or another. Here are some mistakes I have seen (and made) that you are […]

  • Why Discharge Line Temperature is a Useful Reading

    Ever since I started in the trade we would take discharge line temperature in the winter on a heat pump system. In the Winter the discharge line is easily […]

  • Technician Head Trash

    It’s Friday at 6PM… The schedule is clear as far as you can tell… other guys have been getting cleared right and left… so you call […]