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  • Why and how to adjust a TXV / TEV

    As we talked about in an earlier podcast, a TXV is designed to maintain a specified and constant superheat at the outlet of the evaporator coil. It does this […]

  • Something to Watch For When Replacing a Thermostat

      Sometimes you find yourself in a position where you are going to replace a fancy thermostat with a simple one. It may be because the customer got […]

  • Parallel Circuit Resistance 

    In a Series circuit (loads connected in a row end to end) it’s easy to calculate total circuit resistance because you simply add up all the resistances […]

  • 5% vs. 15% Silver Solder (Brazing Rod)

    First, let’s get straight that BRAZING is when you use a filler rod that isn’t the exact same material as the base metal but that melts ABOVE […]

  • What Is Temperature Glide?

      We’ve all heard about glide, but what is it really and how does it affect our system? Glide, or temperature glide, is the difference between the […]