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  • Pressure / Enthalpy Diagram Example

    This article is written by my buddy and Canadian Supertech Tim Tanguay. Thanks Tim! This P/E chart shows R410a at 100°F Saturated Condensing Temp, 10°F […]

  • Diagnosing ECM & X13 Motors

    First, let’s give proper credit. Most of the best practices and tools for the diagnosis of ECM and X13 motors come from Regal / Genteq and their site […]

  • The Friction Rate Chart (and What it Means)

    A lot of proper duct design comes down to a understanding of available static pressure and friction rate. We’ve covered this topic several times on this […]

  • Electronic Leak Detection DOES WORK

    I hear many techs complain about the finicky and ineffective nature of electronic leak detection. So much so that some claim that is is a waste of time […]

  • Heat Exchanger Crack Diagnosis

    There are two camps I’ve run into regarding cracked heat exchanger diagnosis. Those who look for it everywhere and those who dismiss it and never look. I […]