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  • Flash Gas

    When we say that there is “flash gas” at a particular point in the system it can either be a bad thing or a good thing depending on where it is […]

  • The Ductless Dehumidification Conundrum

    This tech tip was a COMMENT on a facebook question about how ductless systems achieve some of their high-efficiency numbers at the expense of dehumidification. […]

  • Trades and the Skills Gap – A Manifesto

      This article is a year old and I’m recycling it because it’s on my mind today. I had a fun conversation with Richard Trethewey on the […]

  • Using Power Factor to Check Capacitors Under Load

    Capacitors are traditionally tested with a capacitance meter (commonly found as a function within a multi-meter) with the component taken completely out of the […]

  • 5% vs. 15% Silver Solder (Brazing Rod)

    First, let’s get straight that BRAZING is when you use a filler rod that isn’t the exact same material as the base metal but that melts ABOVE […]