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  • Piston Design and Bypass

    I remember it like it was yesterday… It was my first day of work as a trainee at my first technician job, just a wet behind the ears kid fresh out of trade […]

  • Does the Voltage or the Amperage Kill You?

    I hear the following phrase a lot It’s the amperage that kills you not the voltage While there is truth to the statement it is sort of like saying “it’s […]

  • Indirect Soldering Technique

    As HVAC/R techs we don’t do a lot of soldering generally unless you are in a shop that has embraced Stay Brite® 8 from Harris. There are several aluminum […]

  • Dielectric Grease: What It Is, and How To Use It

      Dielectric grease is an often misused and misunderstood product that could easily benefit HVAC/R technicians in a variety of ways. From food service to […]

  • Connecting Transformers in Parallel

    I had an old-timer tell me that you can never connect two transformers together because they will “fight one another”. If you are anything like me (and […]